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The very first scene in the very first episode of Doctor Who saw the camera close in on a strangely humming Police Box standing incongruously in a junkyard. While the audience would soon discover this was in fact a disguised space-and-time machine, that opening shot reveals the true hero of the series. More so than even the Doctor, who regularly changes face and personality, the TARDIS is the one constant throughout Doctor Who history.

During that time the TARDIS has taken the Doctor and his friends — including us — to locations around the world throughout its history, and to every corner of the universe. The Doctor's granddaughter Susan once revealed the Ship kept a record of its journeys: The TARDIS Chronicles is that log, charting the complete voyages of the Doctor's wondrous space-and-time machine in greater depth than ever before. As well as every journey seen on screen, it also covers all those we only hear the Doctor mention with an "I once met..." and "I remember when...".

More than a simple list of dates and planets, each TARDIS landing is pinpointed to a precise location and time, including duration if significantly longer than the events shown on TV. Plus everything the TARDIS itself experiences is recorded, from its environment to events that occur both inside and within sight of the Police Box. Icons denote each time we see or hear the Ship materialise or dematerialise.

In addition, for each trip there are exhaustive notes detailing which controls are used and what they do; what we learn about the functions and abilities of the TARDIS; behind-the-scenes facts about props, sets, models and materialisation techniques; discussion of what we see and learn about the Ship and its destinations; and much more.

The book also features comprehensive histories of every Police Box prop, control room set and console, covering their design, construction, usage and modifications. These are illustrated with accurate schematics, including annotated plans of every control panel and their variations.

The TARDIS Chronicles tells you all there is to know about the real star of Doctor Who. Volume 1 covers the TARDIS's travels before the Doctor enlisted in the Time War, from the Doctor and Susan's flight from Gallifrey to a gunship crashing down on Karn — more than 400 landings that we've seen or heard about.

Clayton Hickman, ex-Doctor Who Magazine editor and TARDIS connoisseur, has kindly provided a foreword and says, "The blessed relief of The TARDIS Chronicles finally existing — without me having to write the bloody thing — cannot be overstated."

THE TARDIS CHRONICLES Volume 1: Before the Time War; 412 pages, mono; Compiled, written and designed by Paul Smith; Published by Wonderful Books; Printed on demand through Amazon; Softcover; 18x25.5cm; ISBN 978-0-9576062-4-1

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